Retained Executive Recruiting

Full service retained executive recruiting for critical, game-changing roles in your organization.  Agile recruiting to find the right candidate quicker.


Recruitment Outsourcing

Customizable options ideal for filling lower level roles or enhancing internal recruiting resources.  A cost-effective solution for growing companies and those with limited resources.


Training & Consulting

Online and in-person training for DIY hiring, plus custom training options for your team.  Consulting on people strategy, process and development to attract, retain and engage the best talent.

Work with Candie

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Retained Executive Search

Ideal for C-level roles, as well as Vice President, Director and Manager, Candie combines an agile recruiting approach with enterprise-level sourcing, tracking and communication resources to find the ideal hire…fast.  As a one-person shop, Candie owns the full search and all client and candidate relationships from start to finish, providing professional, authentic representation throughout the process.

In the initial requirements identification process, Candie works with you to define the role and what a successful candidate would look like for your organization.  She guides a brainstorming session to identify key needs and competencies for the role, as well how the role fits into the bigger picture objectives of your organization, quickly getting up to speed on the ideal candidate profile.

"She's one of those rare people who not only 'gets' exactly what you are trying to do, but gets it done with such speed and precision that it looks easy every time." - CEO, Premium Food and Beverage Company

Employing the same sourcing resources you would find in a large firm, and tapping into her extensive network, Candie’s focus is on targeting passive candidates that may not actively be looking to make a change but have potential to be a strong functional and culture match.  Assessment is critical to getting the right fit, but you can only assess people in the pipeline.  Candie is creative and resourceful in identifying passive candidates and piquing their interest with a compelling story.  A former CEO, she is able to talk about the role, the company and the culture on a peer-to-peer level, giving a detailed picture of the opportunity and its selling points.

Throughout the search, Candie applies an iterative process with frequent client touchpoints and transparent communication to ensure that the search is moving closer and closer the ideal candidate.  She knows your time is limited and make the most efficient use of touch base calls and updates.  She acts as an advisor and facilitator as candidates move through the interview process and towards offer acceptance.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail and Grocery
  • QSR and Fast Casual Restaurant
  • Travel, Hospitality and Recreation
  • Nonprofit
  • Industrial and Commercial Products
  • Private Equity Portfolio Companies

Featured Search Experience

Chief Executive Officer, Food and Beverage
Chief Executive Officer, Produce Distribution
President, Active Performance
President, Beverage and QSR
US General Manager, Active Performance
Executive Director, Nonprofit
VP Brand, Grocery
VP Sales, Outdoor
VP Operations, Beauty/CPG
VP President Product Design, Active Performance
VP Digital Ecosystem, Active Performance
VP Marketing, CPG

Recruitment Outsourcing

Knowing that many growing companies simply don't have the resources for a retained executive search, Candie offers customizable options for recruitment outsourcing.  Ideal for lower level positions or resource-constrained organizations, this service allows companies to work with Candie where they need the most help, including:

  • Creating a job description and sourcing strategy
  • Initial resume review and candidate screening
  • Proactive sourcing support and outreach
  • Structured interview process design
  • Offer strategy and reference checks

Training & Consulting

Candie offers public and private training on DIY hiring to organizations of any size.  View the current schedule of public training, or contact Candie to design a custom course for your internal team.

Spending thousands of hours speaking with executive-level candidates about their successes and failure in scaling organizations, managing change and disrupting markets, Candie has developed a unique perspective on common issues faced by organizations and their leaders.  Candie partners with leadership and teams to address organizational issues including:

  • Applying marketing and sales principles to attract, retain and engage talent
  • Creating a talent strategy and road map to support growth
  • Setting expectations and creating a culture of accountability
  • Developing process and structure for individual and organizational decision making
  • Enhancing team dynamics and communication