Ecommerce Manager

Are you an analytical, scrappy, ambitious, hard-working, insightful, problem-solving, self-starting, detail-killer who executes like a Rockstar? Then we like you already, and by all means, read on.


You will:

  • Own our website operations (Shopify) and manage contractors to optimize all the KPIs that we e-commerce folks love.
  • Understand & implement tech stacks necessary for best-in-class e-commerce.
  • Manage our Amazon operation until it is big enough to merit a full-time manager.
  • Create (and optimize, duh) shop concepts, landing pages, and funnels for key customer segments and category growth opportunities in collaboration with developers and our founder.
  • Architect and engineer our nurture series (not the creative).
  • Architect and engineer our email marketing (not the creative).
  • You manage the execution of a social media strategy by a marketing coordinator, including a best-in-class affiliate and influencer program.
  • Build a best-in-class loyalty program.
  • Identify our best subscription solution, migrate, and set it up.
  • Take the lead on managing our top-notch ad agency in traffic acquisition.

You will be able to prioritize this list clearly, recommend additions, and execute on it with effectiveness, efficiency, and minimal management. You know how to and love measuring the results of your hard work, so you can show them off. You understand that we are in startup mode, with startup hours, and startup levels of dedication.


You are an analytical and technically oriented person—though, bonus points if you’ve managed to maintain a little creative spark in that analytical brain of yours! You take responsibility for results. You experience intense pleasure from deriving insights from data, of which we have a lot. You will slice our customer data 100 ways to Sunday, sometimes on a Sunday. If you improve our cohorts by 0.3% you will experience nearly orgasmic glee and scream for joy…and then do it again tomorrow.

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Position: Ecommerce Manager

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Job Location
Boulder, CO
Date posted
March 6, 2019
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